Dragon 32 Universe


In the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida, Bermuda and the east coast of America lies a triangular piece of the sea that is known as The Bermuda Triangle.

Many strange events have taken place in these waters, large ships and planes have been known to disappear, compasses have been found to give incorrect readings and time has seemed to change from the past to the future and vice-versa.

Many theories have been put forward as to the reasons for these happenings, but so far none of them have been proved. One popular explanation is that beings from another planet control this area. Another is that a time-warp is responsible and many people believe that the whole story is a giant hoax.

Whatever the reasons are for the Bermuda Triangle, it certainly lends itself to an excellent adventure game, as you will find out very shortly.

The Game

Devil's Triangle is a very frustrating game with one simple aim - to sail from Miami to Bermuda. But during your voyage you will encounter many obstacles that at the very least will hinder your trip, and some will bring disaster!

On start-up, an outline of the coast of Florida is displayed on your screen; your position being denoted by (*). You can move North, South, East or West by pressing the corresponding letters. When you move, you many pick up various finds (Some more about these later) and your rating and weapons scores will alter. You can stay in this area for as long as you want but after every ten moves your rating will be halved.



This can be used in a later scenario and you will be told whether you are use it or not.


This can also be used in a later scenario.


These can be used in the waters around Bermuda in order to get back to Miami.


This is useful if your rating falls to zero whilst you are in the safe area around Miami.

These four finds can only be used once.

Part Of The Triangle

This is a very useful find as it highlights part of the triangle once you enter the seas around Bermuda.


You can find two of these and they are essential for accurate navigation in the seas around Bermuda.

Other Finds

Other finds are:

  1. Various messages, which are useful as your rating increases.
  2. Information from passing ships and fishermen, which can alter your ratings.
  3. Weapons, which are essential to fight various sea-monsters.

In the second scene (Seas around Bermuda) you move again using N,S,E and W but you can sail into several problems:

Time Warps (T)

These will move you at random to any part of the scene.

Storms (S)

These will drift you off course.

Attack by Sea-Monster

You will be given a limited period of time with which to attack the monster, your time will start after the 'NOW' display and you attack using the 'H' button. If you are defeated the monster will drag you into the Devil's Triangle, if you kill the monster your rating will increase but your weapons score will fail.

The Triangle (+)

If you sail into the triangle (which is invisible!) it will appear, and then you will be spirited away into another scene. These scenes can be a variety of things: Fighting Aliens, Mazes, etc. and some of your finds will be useful here. If you are fortunate and survive the triangle, your rating will increase by 10 and you will find yourself back in waters around Miami.

Teleport Vents (T)

If your rating is 10 or above you will see a 'T' on the seas around Bermuda. If you sail into this you will be given the option of going back to Miami to pick up extra finds or replace those you have used. However, on returning you lose 5 rating points.

Entrance To Waters Around Miami (red square)

If you sail into this you might pass into Bermuda and defeat the triangle, but things are not always what they seem...

Rating Levels

If your rating is 50 or more you will receive extra weapons and if you have found some strange messages they will now make sense.

If your rating is 75 or more, you will not need a compass even if you lose it your directions will be correct. You will also gain information from any messages in Chinese that you have found.

And Finally

These instructions serve only as a guide to the playing of Devil's Triangle, you will develop ideas and methods of your own as you become more experienced in the game.

Good luck!