Dragon 32 Universe


The computer will choose a word from its databank and display a number of dashes on the screen. Each dash corresponds to a letter in the chosen word.

The player has to discover the chosen word by guessing the letters that make up the word. If a correct guess is made, the computer will write that letter in its correct position in the word.

If a wrong guess is made, then wait and see...!

For each correct letter, five points are scored, and a bonus of ten points is earned when the word is completed.

A player has about five seconds to take a turn. If this limit is exceeded, it is taken as a wrong guess, holding the usual penalty.

With each word there is one clue available, but seeing the clue means forfeiting the ten point bonus.

To make a guess simply press the desired key and wait for the computer to answer.

There are no special symbols or punctuation marks. The computer will not recognise keys used in conjunction with the SHIFT key.

If any of the latter keys are selected the computer will count it as a wrong guess.

Although points are scored for correct guesses, the overall winner will be judged on percentage, since some words will be longer than others.