Dragon 32 Universe


Automata UK Rtd. ploudry plesents Oriental game of ruck and skill fol 1 to 4 prayers

How To Play

First, select the number of players between 1 and 4. Now select the number of rounds. Also from 1 to 4, the object of Yakzee is to score the highest number of points by skillfully filling in your score-box to the best advantage. Various combinations of dice are displayed on the left-hand side of your screen and the dice themselves are displayed on the right-hand side Each player can have up to three throws per turn...

When the score-box is displayed, the first player must press "0" to throw the dice. Use your arrow cursors to hold any of the five dice before throwing again. By pressing "0" when the arrow is adjacent to the dice, it will change colour to show that it has been held, to hold all of the dice. Move the arrow to the bottom of the dice and press Arrow Right.

To release all of the dice, press the Arrow Left key. After selecting the dice to be held, return the arrow to the bottom box. And press "0". If you do not wish to hold any of the five dice. Then you simply press "0".

After your three throws, the arrow cursor will move to your score card. You must now select one of the options shown in the left-hand column of the score-box by using the Arrow Up key. The pointer will move to each of the options in turn; press "0" to insert your selection. If there are no options left, press "0" and your computer will delete an option at random. Repeat in turn, until all the boxes have been filled.


Yakzee is five dice the same (e.g. 55555 or 22222 etc) when placed in the Yakzee box, scoring 50, 65, 80 or 100 points for each respective round.

A "run" is five dice in sequence (e.g. 12345 or 23456) scoring 40 points, when placed in the "run" box.

"Four of the same" is four or more of the same dice (22225 or 11116 etc) scoring the total of all five dice.

"Three of the same" is three or more dice the same (e.g. 44462 or 33315 etc) scoring the total of all five dice.

The Top Six Boxes

Require a minmum of three dice the same (e.g. 55532 will go into the 3 x 5 box). These entries only score the value of the same dice (e.g. 22261 scores 6 points)

A bonus score of 35 points is gained when a score of 63 or more is achieved in the top six boxes of any one column. A marker appears at the bottom of each column where a bonus has been gained.

"Chance" - Any score may be entered in these boxes. The total dice score will be earned regardless of the throw.