Dragon 32 Universe


Your aim is to guide Sir Basil to the Bomb so that he can defuse it. You have 50 seconds to reach the Bomb before the timer (in the top right hand corner) expires and the Bomb bombs up.

Each screen has four Bombs, only one of which is visible at any one time. Each Bomb must be defused before another appears.

Sir Basil may eat some fruit if he wishes to and gain bonus points, but he also gains bonus points for reaching the Bomb in the fastest possible time. His task is made more difficult by a family of malicious man-eating spiders living in the labyrinth. At first, the spiders although aware of Sir Basil, have difficult in locating him, but they soon learn!

As Sir Basil moves from a square it changes colour and he cannot walk back onto it, you can save him from being stranded by using the left and right cursor keys to scroll the row on which he is standing to either left or right. Unlike the spiders Sir Basil can walk off one side of the screen to reappear on the other side or go from top to bottom and vice versa. The spiders can only move onto blue squares (or Sir Basil). If you manage to assist Sir Basil to reach the last spider, beware!

Game Controls

Normal joystick movements apply. Use a joystick plugged into the right hand port.


Apple 100 points
Strawberry 200 points
Bomb 1000 points
Bonus bomb timer



The game autoruns after loading.