Dragon 32 Universe


The object of this game is get young Boris to the exit (located at the bottom right of the screen) of each room. This is achieved by falling through the gaps in the floorboards beneath him and avoiding the many obstacles and defences. Boris may also hyperjump up one level onto the floor above, and randomly on the floor he is standing on. The hyperjump feature should be used cautiously.

As Boris exits one room, he finds himself in yet another which is more difficult to escape from.

Playing The Game

There are many objects and defences that Boris should avoid - the bouncing ball chases Boris tirelessly and contact with it will lose a life. The energy bursts detonate randomly in the room and should also be avoided. The patrollers slowly patrol each floor backwards and forwards, these can be avoided by taking Broris to the extreme left or right of each floor. There are four laser points located in each room, these will emit a laser burst if Boris waits too long. The laser will destroy a patroller if contact is made with one of these first.


Points are only scored when Boris has reached the exit, these points will be based on the difficulty level of the room, the remaining time and the bonus points collected.

Extra points are gained if you collect a Pulsar Diamond. However, if one of these is shot by a laser it will turn into a mine which should be avoided at all costs.

There is also a time limit in each room.

The starting number of lives is five, a new one is awarded every 1,000 points scored.

Game Controls

Player 1 uses the right hand joystick; player 2 uses the left.

Normal joystick movements apply. Push the joystick up to hyperjump one level. Press Fire to randomly hyperjump on the same level.

1/2 - Select Number of Players
P/R - Pause/Restart

The game is started by pressing the appropriate joystick button.

Watch out for more adventures with Boris the Bold - 14 levels.