Dragon 32 Universe


Deep underground on the planet Sagon, there lies the caverns of chaos, our intrepid explorer spaceman Jones sets out on his mission to negotiate the vast labyrinth collecting keys from each cave to open the secret door to the next cavern.

Many pitfalls will impede your progress. Beware of the one-way conveyors and bouncing platforms. There are only twenty screens to negotiate.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, M - Jump

Alternatively use a joystick plugged into the left joystick port.

P - Pause (Any other key will then restart)

CTRL-R - Restart the game



The game will automatically run and load.


The game includes a cheat function that allows you to advance to any screen. To operate this, type the word PIGLET on the title screen, ensuring you hold each key down for at least one second.

Start the game as normal (with Space or Fire). To advance to the next screen, press E.