Dragon 32 Universe


Venture where no man has dared to go before. View the galaxy from within the safety of your starship, but not for long - no less than 34 screens of interplanetary alien life will challenge your reflexes and fire power. Superb sounds and graphics.


The two digits below the number of ships remaining shows how many shields you have used. You are allowed to use up to 99. This number will flash if it goes over 90. To engage the shields, the Fire key must be held down. Whilst the shields are on, anything that hits you will not result in the loss of a life.


When the fuel level shown at the top of the screen enters the yellow section and the word FUEL starts to flash, the player may re-fuel by holding down the Fire key. A fuel ship will appear from the top of the screen. To re-fuel you must fire your lasers towards the flashing part of the ship. When the fuel ship detects your laser it will let you re-fuel. If you take too long to hit the ship you will be attacked by an alien battle fleet. Failure to re-fuel will lose you a life when the fuel reaches zero.

Game Controls

+/; - Left Laser Cannon, ENTER - Right Laser Cannon, Q - Gun Sight Up, A - Gun Sight Down, SPACE - Fire/Shields/Re-fuel
E - Exit current game
RESET - Restart program (without resetting high score)

You can move your gun sight to any position on the screen. This will determine the range of your laser cannon.



The game will auto-run and start after loading.