Dragon 32 Universe


You and your friends are the last surviving Do-Dos in the cold and icy climate of the Antarctic.

Apart from the cold conditions you live in, you have a deadly enemy - The Snow Bees.

These little critters have one task in mind and that is to sting you right on the !!! and send you into oblivion, so here are some tips to help you survive.

You can slide the ice block at the Bees but only when you have a single block between you and the Snow Bee, those little varmints will shatter ice blocks in their attempt to sting you.

You do have an ace under your wing. That is, you can electrify the wall you are touching. If a Bee happens to be on that wall at the same time SPLAT one Snow Bee less.

If you kill all five Snow Bees, you will see an Ice Diamond appear, you must get this in no more than nine moves to gain extra points.

Good Luck!



The game will automatically run.