Dragon 32 Universe


Darts is a game for 1-9 players. One joystick is essential; one or two joysticks can be shared by any number of people (up to 9).

New Game

Each player must first enter his name and select a level of play from 1-9. The larger the number, the more difficult the game will be for that player.

301, 501 or 1001

Three standard games are offered: 301, 501 and 1001 (each with or without a double to start, buy always with a double to finish). For these games, scoring is automatic. A fourth option allows the players to score for themselves - the program merely provides the darts and dartboard.

Order Of Play

The first player is invited to press the fire button (on whatever joystick he happens to be holidng), upon which a dartboard is presented, with a dart at the top of the screen, and a dart on the left hand side of the screen.

Dart Control

The point of intersection of these two darts indicates the position on the board at which the dart will impact. The darts may be controlled by the joystick (up/down controls the dart on the left, left/right controls the one on the top), and the dart is "thrown" by pressing the fire button.

Difficulty Level

Three factors vary according to the level of difficulty.

  1. The speed of the darts on the screen;
  2. The amount of "dead area";
  3. The "automatic firing time delay".

The "dead area" refers to the fact that, at some lower difficulty levels, the darts will stop moving if the joystick is near the centre position. The "automatic firing time delay" is the amount of time allowed for the player to line up the darts. After this period, the dart will be thrown automatically, without pressing the fire button.

There are "special effects" for "No Score" and "180".

A dart striking too close to a previous shot gives a distinctive "ping" sound and scores 0. With three or more players, the losers have the option to play on after the first winner. A "same again" option allows the same players, at the same levels of play to play the same game, without the need to re-type their names and selections.