Dragon 32 Universe


Protection of your city is of the prime importance - *you* are the Guardian Angel. Pilot your craft over a city of the future, and protect it from bombs falling from above. You have a X sight in front of your ship. A missile will explode at this position when you press your Fire button. If you time the firing correctly then the explosion will destroy the bomb. Don't get too close to the exploding missile.

You must destroy ten bombs to go on to the next wave. On wave 2 keep away from the yellow ship, it can be destroyed by one of your missiles but it will soon return.

On wave 3, well, you sort that one out!

If your fuel runs out then you will crash into the city and if your ammunition runs out then you cannot fire any more.

To replenish both the fuel and ammunition you have to go onto the second part of the game. To do this you have to land on the landing pad. This is the building in the city marked 'landing'. If you get your ship onto the landing pad then the screen clears. It then shows your ship at a different angle (for landing) and some asteroids.

These asteroids have to be avoided to get to the landing pad at the bottom of the screen. Here, your ship is acted on by gravity. This makes it move faster downwards. You slow its descent by pressing the Fire button. It is the same moving left to right, i.e. if you move the joystick left then the ship will accelerate left until the joystick is pushed right when it will slow down and then start moving right.

You must land your ship onto the pad slowly and then your fuel and ammo will be replenished and you can start on the return journey up through the asteroids.

Every time you press the Fire button to slow your descent or speed your upward motion, then some more fuel is used up. If this gets to zero, then you lose a life. If you get the ship to the top of the screen then you are back to the first part of the game.

To enter your name on the high score table you move your base left and right and press fire to input the correct letter - if you can!

Game Controls

Use the right hand joystick.



The game will automatically run after loading.