Dragon 32 Universe


Your car starts in the middle of a maze, 36 times the size of the screen, which scrolls around you as you move.

Game Objective

The object is to collect all ten flags randomly distributed throughout the maze whilst avoiding collision with kamikazi cars. You start with three lives and lose one every time you collide with a chase car or your fuel runs out.

Your car re-fuels by driving over a fuel tank.

You can delay the cars by trapping them in some smoke from your exhaust by pressing Space or Fire. The number of smokes allowed in the maze at one time range from 2 on level 5 to 10 on level 1.

There are ten screens but you can only start on 1-5. On later screens, boulders block your path, more cars chase you, the smoke doesn't last as long and there are less fuel tanks.

Game Controls

Use arrow keys to control the car. Alternatively, use a joystick plugged into the right hand joystick port.

P - Pause On/Off, R - Reset Game

Press Space bar to start with keyboard controls. Press Fire to start with joystick controls.

You need to indicate how many players are playing. Move up for one player only. Move down for a two player game.
You also need to indicate the speed of the game. Move up to increase speed level. Move down to decrease speed level. Press Fire to select.

For a two player game, player 2 may use the left joystick or the arrow keys (and Space).


Trapping a chase car ... 25 x Screen Number
Finding a flag ... 50 x Screen Number
Finding 10 flags ... 1000 x Screen Number + Fuel Points