Dragon 32 Universe


Jamie MacDougal roams the Scottish Highlands in search of his clan's lost bagpipes. Also on the moors are two sasernacks disguised as computer nasties whose aim is to stop young Jamie.

In each of the sixteen screens there is a set of bagpipes hidden in the hedges which cover the Highlands. You have to collect these sets, to move from screen to screen go through one of the exits in the hedges. The small nastie will always head straight for you and whenever he is level with you he will fire. You are armed so you can fire back, but you must keep your Fire Button held on whilst firing. Once all your firepower has been used up you must collect another set of pipes as this will rejuvenate your firepower. The large nastie, however, moves in a regular pattern, which is different for each screen. He does move fast and kills on contact. You cannot kill him just try to keep out of his way. Good hunting!

Game Controls

Joystick control only. Use a joystick plugged into the right hand port.


Killing small nastie ... 10 points
Collecting bagpipes ... 100 points

Top left shows number of lives. Bottom left shows power remaining.
Top right shows bagpipes collected. Bottom right shows score.



The game will automatically run after loading.