Dragon 32 Universe


Disrupt Enemy Communications and Defences and continual Bombing from Carrier. V.T.O.L. Fighter Bombers can replenish bomb load by landing on the Carrier or Enemy Runway.

When flying at top height, there is less change of being destroyed.

The higher you fly, the faster you move. You also lose the Bomb/Fire option.

Amateur Game

10 planes. No high score entry.

Professional Game

4 planes. High score entry. To enter name, move cursor over desired character, then press Space.

Game Controls

Arrow Left - Rudder Left, Arrow Right - Rudder Right, Arrow Up - Climb, Arrow Down - Descend
B - Bomb Release, U - Initiate Automatic Landing Sequence (Only when Klaxon sounds)
SPACE - Fire Control

Manual landing is also possible.

Unknown Quantities Of

Cargo Ships 75 points
Tanks 50 points
Trains 30 points
Aircraft 20 points
Trucks 40 points

Enemy Armaments

  1. Heat-Seeking Sam Missiles
  2. Autonmatic Fire from Planes