Dragon 32 Universe

Game Objective

Ten rooms in this old Mansion must be negotiated before you come face to face with the dreaded Morbid. You are all alone, then suddenly, the clock gets to 12! 10 screens - arcade adventure.

There are 10 screens in the game. In the first 5, you must move your man up and down the different platforms collecting the keys and gold bars. If the door is blue then you must collect the blue key and if yellow then collect the yellow key before going through.

To obtain items you must stand next to them and press G on the keyboard. Five pieces of gold must be collected from the first 5 screens before you will have enough to give to the guard so that he will let you pass. When the clock strikes twelve a ghost will appear and attack you. He will head straight for you and shoot when he is close.

To kill the ghost you must be in the attack mode (press A). When in this mode you will be able to move a sight around the screen. When the sight is on the ghost, press the Fire button on the joystick. You can only obtain bullets from the chest on the first screen and these can run out at any moment whilst attacking. You can escape the ghost by getting to a door.

The ghost will not be on the next screen. However, doing this results in 100 points being taken off your score. You start off with 500 points and these are deducted every time a ghost attacks you. How much is deducated depends on how quickly you hit the ghost, the faster you hit him the less is taken off your score.

You have 5 lives. You can die by either falling down through the screen (only on screen 3 onwards), the ghost shooting you or your points dropping to zero.

The other command is P to pause the game. Any key restarts it.

On screen 5 and onward you can only jump straight up or fall down the shafts. The two seekers, one at the top and bottom of the screen can only kill when they are level with you as you are in the shaft.

You must collect as many power podules as you can as these power your laser on the last screen. Use the moving platforms to get to the right of the screen. You must press your fire button to jump up a shaft. Some walls of the shaft can be walked through.

In the last screen Morbid will appear, but he is protected by a forcefield. However, you can make a gap in this with one of your power podules. When the gap is on the arrow, your laser will fire. You must hit the gap 4 times before the Morbid is dead.

Game Controls

Use a Joystick plugged into the right hand port.
P/Any Key - Pause/Resume
G - Pick Up
A - Attack Mode