Dragon 32 Universe


Deep underground in the Diamond Mines roam the Dreaded Orbis and friends, who are hellbent on stopping the attempts of Boris the Miner filling his truck with diamonds.

There are four screens to the game. On each one there are three diamonds. You must collect all three before you can go on to the next screen.

There is a moving platform that can help you - but you must get onto it properly - because if it hits you you will lose one of your three lives.

On every screen is the Orbis. This creature doesn't move at first, but once you start jumping he starts to move. The more you jump the faster he moves.

You have a wraparound screen, so sometimes you can lure Orbis to one side and then quickly appear on the other side, which will give you a little more time. You may only carry one diamond at a time.

If you fall from the platform, you don't lose a life.

Once you have a diamond it must be taken to the top of the screen where the rail truck is. The truck moves slowly to the right of the screen. If it gets all the way to the right, then you lose a life. When all three diamonds are in the truck you will be whisked away to the next screen.

Game Controls

Normal joystick movements apply. Your joystick should be plugged into the right hand joystick port. Press Fire to jump.


Top left - Diamonds collected 50 points.