Dragon 32 Universe

Game Objective

The object of the game is to steal the precious ruby by breaking the complex defence system guarding it.

This must be done before the 60-second alarm is activated.

The area is made up of a 10 x 10 grid of blocks. On these blocks are snakes, guards and the stone itself (this is on the inverse block).

There are also mines which roam about the grid.

Rows and columns of blocks can be pushed bi-directionally using a pointer which travels around the outside of the grid, after pushing, every block in the row or column will be moved one place in the particular direction.

Anything on the top left block which is pushed upwards will be 'caught' in the box at the top of the screen. This is how the ruby is stolen. You cannot push a row or column that has a snake, guard, or a ruby on the end of it.

Guards: These are depicted by the pistols. Their main aim is to protect the area where the ruby can be stolen. If necessary they will return the ruby to its original position if they are near it. If a guard is caught, the alarm is activated.

Snakes: These are depicted by the snake-heads. Their aim is to protect the ruby by following it around the grid. They will also return the ruby to its original position if they are near it. If a snake is caught it will also sound the alarm.

Mines: These are depicted by skull and crossbones. If a skull is pushed onto a mine it will be destroyed.

Mystery: This is depicted by the question mark. They are worth mystery points if they are 'caught' or destroyed.

The pointer is moved about the grid using the left and right arrow keys or the appropriate joystick (player 1 uses right joystick and player 2 uses the left one).

Pushing the joystick (or key) left will move the pointer anti-clockwise and pushing the joystick (or key) right will move the pointer clockwise. A row or column is pushed by using the Fire button or spacebar.

There are three main levels of difficulty (1 = easy, 3 = hard) with five levels each. Any of the three main levels may be chosen before the game starts.

The starting number of lives is three, and a new life is awarded every 10,000 points.


When the ruby is 'caught' 1000 points + remaining time
Destroying guard/snake 100 points
Mystery catch 100/200/300 points
Destroying mystery 50/100 points