Dragon 32 Universe

Sewer Rat

The object is to help Ratty escape from the demon-infested sewers. This is done by guiding Ratty to the exit at the centre of the screen. 16+ mazes.

Game Controls

Use a joystick plugged into the left hand port.




The professor left on his quest for the lost Artifact a long time ago and has not returned. Has he met with foul play?

Welcome to the ranks of famed adventures! As the famous Blake Bones, you must locate the infamous Golden Computer Chip. Your friend, the Professor, left on his quest for the lost artifact a long time ago and has still not yet returned. Has he met up with foul play? You will only find out if you venture after him. The Professor has left a few bits of information behind that are important if you wish to survive.

The computer will do as you command (if you're lucky!) and act as your explorer. There are many commands that the computer will accept, but you will have to discover these for yourself! To move in a given direction, simply type the first letter of the direction. For example, to go east, type E.

Sometimes you may want to enter a vehicle or crawl through a tunnel. In such an instance you can use verbs like GO, CLIMB, CRAWL, ENTER, JUMP, EXIT and then the direction or object name. When entering a command, always use two words. The first word is usually a verb and the second is a noun. It may take you a few times before you finally succeed in your quest. You can LOOK and LISTEN to many things which may give you clues.



The game will autorun after loading.