Dragon 32 Universe

Game Objective

Shanghai is an ancient Chinese mindgame playing using the tiles of a Mah-Jongg set.

At the start of the game the tiles are shuffled and then arranged on the board to form a pattern.

Your aim is to remove all of the tiles from the board.

Selecting A Pair Of Tiles

To remove a pair of tiles simply move the cursor onto one of the tiles and select it. The tile will then be highlighted.

You should then select the second time in the same way and, providing it is identical, both tiles will vanish.


You score one point for each tile removed.

Suits And Values

If you are unfamiliar with Mah-Jongg, you need only know that there are four of each of 36 tiles. A total of 144 tiles.

The suits and values of the tiles play no part in this game. It is only important to be able to recognise when two tiles are the same.

Ending a Game

The game ends when no more moves are possible.

Winning a Game

Should you succeed in clearing the board, you will progress to the next level and be presented with a new puzzle.

There are 75 'screens' in total.

Game Controls

Arrow Keys - Position Cursor, SPACE - Select Tile
S - Save game, P - Pause On/Off, C - Clock On/Off

Note: You may occasionally need to press SHIFT and the arrow keys to obtain a 'direct' rather than an 'intelligent' cursor move.

Joysticks may also be used. However, please note that it may sometimes be necessary to change the user-defined keys for joysticks to function correctly.

Similarly, some user key combinations may require that joysticks are removed. Or moved to corners.

Title Page Controls

U - Define Keys, R - Replay last shuffle, S/L - Save/Load hall of fame