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Basic 09 is a structured, interactive, compiled language

A structured, modular Basic.

Basic 09 is an enhanced and structured semi-compiled Basic language programming system created especially for the 6809 Advanced Microprocessor used by the Dragon computer. In addition to the standard Basic language statements and functions, Basic 09 incorporates many of the most useful elements of the Pascal programming language enabling programs to be modular, well-structured and to use sophisticated data structures. It also permits full access to virtually all the OS9 Operating System commands and functions so that it can be used as a system programming language. These features, coupled with a very fast execution speed, make Basic 09 an ideal language for many applications - scientific, business, industrial control, education and more.

Basic 09 is unusual in that it is an Interactive Compiler that has the best of both types of language system. The very fast execution speed typical of compiler languages together with the ease of use and memory space efficiency of interpreter language. Basic 09 is a complete Programming System that includes a powerful text editor, multipass compiler, run time interpreter, high-level interactive debugger and a systems executive. Each of these components has been carefully integrated to give the user a friendly, highly interactive programming resource which provides all the tools and useful extra facilities needed for fast, accurate creation and testing of structured programs.

Basic 09 features:

  • Structured, recursive Basic with Pascal-like enhancements
  • Allows Multiple, Independent, Named Procedures
  • Procedure call by name with parameters
  • Line numbers optional
  • Extended data structures
  • Byte, Integer, Real, Boolean and String data types
  • Three Dimensional Arrays supported
  • Graphics interface to Dragon graphics functions
  • Powerful interactive debugging and editing features
  • High speed, high accuracy calculations

Diskette. B11002

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