Dragon 32 Universe

Game Objective

Your object in this game is to overcome the forces of evil.

Playing The Game

The computer will interpret two word commands. The first word a verb, the second a noun. For example:

To pick up a box, GET BOX To move north, GO NORTH To get a description of your surroundings, LOOK To get a list of the objects you are carrying, TAKE INVENTORY

A sizeable inventory of verbs and nouns is incorporated so you can be creative in your choice of commands. To speed play, the first four letters of each word are sufficient for the computer to understand you.

Examining objects will generally give you their description and may help you discover valuable information.

To move from one location to another, check to see if obvious directions are listed. However, compass points may not be your only choice. The commands you type can help you find out where you are, what you see, directions you can go and what you can do. If all else fails and you really get stumped, you might try HELP and occasionally get an interesting response.

If you don't finish a game in one sitting and would like to save your progress, type SAVE GAME or just SAVE. The computer will require a filename, which you must enter, and you should have a cassette ready in the cassette recorder to accept data. (Place the cassette in the recorder, wind past the plastic leader and press the PLAY and RECORD buttons). Each time you start a game you will be asked if you want to play a saved game. If your response is yes, you will have the opportunity to reload your previous game status.