Dragon 32 Universe


A fun game which familiarises the younger child with computer use and logic.

Game Objective

Circus Adventure is designed for use by children of primary school age. The program incorporates a number of user inputs to encourage familiarisation with the keyboard and presents the child with a series of choices to be made. The object of the program is to locate the popcorn stall at the circus. A choice of two directions is always given and the child will be made aware of the directions: North, South, East, West, Left, Right, Up and Down. There are a number of paths to the popcorn stand, the shortest being a path of nine moves.


Whenever you are offered a choice of two directions, press the first letter of the one you want and press ENTER.

Along the way the player may buy any present at the gift shop and up to nine hotdogs at the hotdog stand.

The program is designed to be non-frustrating to the child, and the average playing time is between ten and fifteen minutes.