Dragon 32 Universe


On this games cassette you will find four programs which illustrate not only the various features of the Dragon but also the means to program them. Look in the listings to get ideas for your own programs and also find out how to program the particular effects.

After CLOADing the program from tape, information on how to run the program is available by typing RUN and pressing ENTER. Should this prove inadequate, the following instructions will help you.

The four programs are:

  1. BRAIN
  2. FOUR
  3. HORSE
  4. SIMON

Remember to press ENTER after typing in replies to the computer's questions.


Brainache is a puzzle which tries to outwit you by having a hidden combination of any keyboard characters occupying two character spaces.

The Brain Aches are graded in four levels of difficulty. We suggest you start with level 1 and work your way up to 4.

The idea behind the puzzle is to calculate what combination of keys are in the two blank spaces. There are various patterns and, depending on whether you pick the right combination, the computer will either give or deduct points from you. You input any two characters and the computer will give you your score.


Four In A Row is a game for two players. Each player is given a colour by the computer and if you type in YES and ask for instructions, the computer will give you a full list to help you play the game. Press ENTER after typing in each name.


Horse Race is a game for up to eight players.

Type in Y when it asks you if you want instructions, and you will be given a full list of how to continue.

If you require an each-way bet, type in E. If you require a win bet, type in W. Press ENTER after typing in the number of and the name of each player.


Simon is a memory game and if you type in Y when it asks for instructions, a full explanation of the game will be given.

Note: When you type in a reply to Simon, the computer plays the notes you have remembered and then continues to play the notes Simon tells it to.