Dragon 32 Universe


Flag is designed for either one or two players. It is a game which involves racing your opponent across a field of hexagons and capturing a flag. Obstacles are placed at random to make the task more difficult.

How To Play Flag

The idea of Flag is to move your marker across the field of hexagones and reach the flag before your opponent. Your marker will either be an "A" or a "B" (an "A" if there is only one player). If there is only one player, the opponent is the computer and is represented by the marker "C". The computer player is optional where there are two players, and if selected will play with the two players.

To move your marker, move your joystick in the required direction. Obstacles will be placed at random to make your task more difficult. You cannot move more than one step at a time as control is alternated between players at one move intervals. Also, you cannot pass through an obstacle (the darker shaded hexagons), so you have to manoeuvre your marker around it. The flag is located at the right hand side of the field and the winner is the first to reach the hexagon containing the flag. The overall winner is the first to reach the flag three times.

Starting A Game

At levels 1 -6 a "?" will appear in up to three of the hexagons. This is a "chance" hexagon. If you move your marker onto it, you may be moved nearer to the flag, alternatively it may move you further away.

In response to the computer's question of "Difficulty Factor?", type a number between 1 and 9. Level 1 is the easiest.

You will then be asked "How many players?" Type 1 or 2 as appropriate. With two players, you will be asked "Computer play option?" Type Y for Yes and N for No.

Flag Move Option

If you require the flag to move, type Y and it will jump around in the three hexagons on the right hand side of the field, making it difficult to capture. By typing N, the flag will remain in one hexagon.

You will then be asked for your colour choice. Type 1 or 2. If you type 3, it will demonstrate both colours available.

Game Controls

Connect the left joystick for one player, both joysticks for two players.

The left joystick controls marker "A".
The right joystick controls marker "B".