Dragon 32 Universe


An action-packed, colourful arcade style game that talks.

You are left alone on standby duty at the Jump Jet Squadron Airstrip. All is quiet. Then, out of the blue, you are caught in a surprise enemy attack. You must scramble and knock out all the enemy bombers to stop them blitzing your squadron.

You'll need to be courageous, accurate and fast in this emergency situation. Put your reactions to the test.

With a choice of ten difficulty levels, as you get better, the game can become more challenging.


You are alone, on standby duty, at the Jump Jet squadron airstrip when the enemy launch a surprise attack. You must scramble and knock out all enemy bombers to prevent them blitzing your squadron, still on the ground. While you go about your task you will have to avoid the bombers' escort fighters.

When all the bombers have been eliminated, you will be able to fly over a mountain range, a beach and the sea to strike the enemy fortress on its island.

The game includes a range of ten difficulty levels including level zero which is a special level with minimal hazards suitable for absolute beginners or young children.

Playing The Game

The game begins by displaying a title screen. After loading you will be asked to enter the difficulty level you require. This will affect the number of bombers which will attack the airstrip, the speed of the jump jets and enemy fighters, the distance to the island and the speed of the landscape scroll.

Your "Pilot Briefing" will then be displayed. After about twenty seconds, you will be able to press Fire to begin the game.

Your jump jet can climb, hover, cruise and swoop. Push your joystick forward (12 o' clock) for height and to the right for speed. Pressing Fire will cause a rocket to be fired in the direction in which the jet is facing.

During play, the following will be displayed on the screen:

  1. How many of your squadron have been lost
  2. How many rockets you have left (ammo)
  3. The difficulty level at which you are playing
  4. Your current score
  5. The highest score achieved so far
  6. Message Board - this displays messages as they are spoken by the computer

A few other points you may find useful are:

  1. Fighters have a longer rocket range than jump jets
  2. Bombers climb when attacked from below
  3. Every third fighter tracks you, the rest will swoop at you
  4. When you attack the enemy fortress on the island you must hit the tower with the flag on it as this is where the enemy keeps its store of ammunition
  5. If you exceed the High Score, the difficulty level for the next game will go up automatically