Dragon 32 Universe


Welcome to Lunar Rover Patrol. The object of the game is to successfully drive the Lunar buggy over the landscape of the Moon, avoiding or destroying craters, boulders, land-mines, spacecraft and numerous other obstacles.

Screen Features

The high score and the game score are recorded in the top left corner of the screen. Your point on the landscape is recorded on the scale E, J, O, T, Z and the number of buggies you have left is recorded in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Game Controls

The movement of the buggy is controlled by the right joystick. Moving it to the left and right alters the speed of the buggy, whilst moving it up makes the buggy jump over craters and other obstructions. The fire button controls the horizontal and vertical lasers.

BREAK/CLEAR - Pause/Resume
Q - Quit Program


Jumping a Crater ... 50 points
Shooting a falling Bomb ... 50 points
Jumping Land-Mines ... 50 points
Shooting/Jumping purple boulders ... 100 points
Shooting Green space craft ... 100 points
Shooting Yellow space craft ... 100 points
Shooting Tank shells ... 100 points
Shooting/Jumping blue spheres ... 150 points
Shooting a Tank ... 200 points
Shooting a Yellow/Green Spacecraft ... 200 points
Shooting an alien "Hover-bug" ... 1000 points
Reaching points E, J, O, T, Z ... 1000 points

If a time record is broken then an additional 10 points are awarded for each second below the average time.

Special Features

Upon reaching points E, J, O, T, Z, a screen which displays your time taken to reach that particular point. The screen gives your time, the average time and the top record time. Bonus points are awarded according to these times.