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Madness And The Minotaur is a classic adventure game utilising two word commands. The first word must be a verb and the second the object of the verb. For example, to pick up a lamp type GET LAMP. To move the adventurer, simply type the first letter of the direction in which you wish him to go. "N" for north, "S" for south, etc.

You must enter the castle of King Minos, descend into the labyrinth, collect all the treasures you can find and bring them out into the forest to score points. You also score points for learning the magic spells of the labyringth. There are creatures roaming the labyrinth, some are friendly, but some are dangerous - so beware!

Madness And The Minotaur is played in real-time, so if you leave the game for any length of time you may well return to find yourself dead. You may disable this feature by typing QUIET. This will ensure that when you return, the state of the game is that in which you left it. To continue playing, type "W".

For the experienced adventurers among you, the above will be sufficient information. For those of you unaccustomed to adventure games, clues for Madness And The Minotaur appear on the following pages.


The top score to be had in Madness And The Minotaur is 240 points - 10 points for each of sixteen treasures which are dropped near the forest (out of the castle and maze) and 10 points for each magic spell learned. You can tell which objects are treasures because you get 5 points for each treasure which you are holding. The location of the treasures is randomized each time you die. There are several rooms which are hazard or benefit rooms. Many of these rooms are also randomized. There are six creatures and an oracle roaming through the castle and maze. Five creatures possess treasures and some of the creatures will attack you. The scorpion's sting will cause a slow death but two cures are available, as well as several things which will slow the effect of the poison.

You begin the game at peak condition. There are many things which may hurt you: stumbling and falling, an unsuccessful jump, the scorpion, minotaur, troglodyte and satyr, just to name a few. There are also many things which will partially restore your strength such as eating, drinking or walking through a magic aura.

There are several objects which are protected by magic spells and may only be released from the spell when you possess certain objects and/or spells.

Listed below are some general clues.

  1. Each spell may be learned only in one unique room. These rooms are identified by "The air is crackling with enchantment".
  2. You learn the first spell by possessing the food and the mushroom on the first floor in the room whose air is crackling with enchantment.
  3. Many events are triggered by an action which may be only randomly effective. If the event is important to the game, you will normally only have to try two or three times for the event to occur. If the event is not critical to the game or if there is no other option available, you may have to try several times.
  4. The oracle is very important. Remember what you normally get from an oracle and act accordingly.
  5. The spells are cast by just typing the name of the spell. If you do not know the spell, or if the spell has no effect, the message "Nothing special happens" will be displayed.
  6. There are several one-way passages in the maze in addition to many passages which will send you to a random room depending upon various circumstances.
  7. Typing INV will reveal what you are holding and SCORE will let you know what your current score is.
  8. In order to kill the creatures you must possess the objects to kill them (you get this information from the oracle) and type KILL MINOTAUR (or whatever) when in the same room as the creature.
  9. The descriptions of the entrances and exits of the rooms may change each time you enter or leave the room.
  10. Typing JUMP, JUMP UP or JUMP DOWN may be helpful in some situations which would otherwise look hopeless.
  11. The available command verbs are:
    NORTH (N), SOUTH (S), EAST (E), WEST (W), UP (U), DOWN (D)

    and the eight spells:
  12. When the lamp is blown out of your hands, some oil is always spilled from it!
  13. The spells will provide the following abilities:
    1. Open blocked passages
    2. Restore the lamp to you when blown out of your hands
    3. Cure the scorpion bite
    4. Find treasures
    5. Kill the hydra
    6. Dispell the fog
    7. Guarantee the success of any jump
    8. Protect you from evil spells

You must determine which spells do which function.