Dragon 32 Universe

Game Objective

The object of Shaft is to move the detective to and fro across the screen, avoiding the moving elevators. By skilful handling of the joystick you can move him to the top of the lift shaft.

Playing The Game

Ensure the right joystick port is in use.

The program will display the difficulty level screen and give two options:

  1. Ruck Ford, the lowest difficulty level on the left, and
  2. James Bund, the highest difficulty level on the right.

Use the joystick to select.

Your detective starts in a clear elevator shaft on the far left of the screen. The object of the game is to reach the top left of the screen by dodging the blue elevators and using the yellow elevators to climb levels.


Each shaft contains a number of red dots - these score 10 points each.
Climbing up a level scores 680 points.
Reaching the top of the screen scores 2790 points.