Dragon 32 Universe


Colourful, fast-action arcade type game which calls for supersonic reactions!

You are the starfighter pilot of a space craft who alone must defend your planet from a powerful fleet of alien ships. The aliens have invaded your planet and cleverly hidden themselves in deep valleys on the surface. You must seek them out and destroy them. But watch out! As you make your attack, the enemy will take off to defend themselves.

The aliens have the element of surprice in their favour but you have sophisticated weaponry and valour on yours. Can you overcome the enemy and save your planet?

Game Objective

Starfighter is a colourful fact action arcade type game. Flying over the surface of a hostile planet, your task is to seek out enemy craft and destroy them.

Playing The Game

When the game begins you will be asked the speed at which you wish to play. Use your joystick to move the flashing cursor to the correct setting and press the button to begin the game.

You begin the game with three ships and the game ends when all are lost. At the end of the game, your score will be displayed with any bonus you qualify for.

Note: Your laser weapon has a limited range and you will need to get fairly close to an enemy ship before you can shoot it.

Game Controls

Your ship is controlled by the joystick. Pressing the fire button will fire your laser weapon.