Dragon 32 Universe


The High Resolution Multi Stage Graphic Spectacular that literally has taken the Dragon 32 to its limits. Back Track - the pride of your collection.

Author: C. M. Andrew
Cover: G. Williamson


Poor Eddie has been captured by the mad professor who is cruelly plumbing the innermost depths of the human psyche.

The professor refuses to release Eddie until he has completed a sequence of rigorous tests. The professor has created a series of five labyrinthine tests of increasing complexity, merely to see if Eddie can get through all of them without losing the will to live.

But not only does Eddie have to reach the exit, he also has to find keys in the correct sequence before the exit door will open.

To intensify Eddie's sense of futility the professor has dropped a map into the maze close to Eddie's starting position, although there may well be a wall separating them!

Just to keep Eddie awake, the professor has deviously released snakes - but luckily they seem to be asleep half of the time. Eddie must also beware the professor's pet genetically mutated rug! It likes to sleep and gets furious if people repeatedly disturb it.

Some rooms, however, contain items of fruit which Eddie is found of and which help maintain his vigour. Skeletons of previous victims still remain, detracting from Eddie's willpower.

Taking Objects

Objects are automatically picked up when Eddie enters a room and his willpower (displayed at the left of the screen) is restored. The keys required are displayed on the right and these change colour as they are accumulated.

Against The Clock

It's a race against time for survival and the current time is displayed at the top right of the screen. The best time yet achieved is displayed at the top left.


Eddie often comes within a hair's breadth of freedom - but the sinister professor has other plans!!

Game Controls

Since Eddie can hardly see past his mop of red hair, you will have to guide him. The display shows the plan view of one of the rooms with Eddie in the middle.

Arrow Keys - Move Eddie around
M - Display map (if he has found it)
RESET - Abort game (and make a fresh attempt)

The map shows the exit and Eddie's current position.

If you prefer, you can define your own controls as directed by the program.



The program will run automatically.