Dragon 32 Universe


Eddie is back! Having finally escape the vicious labyrinthine tests in BACK TRACK (price 6.50 and available post free!), poor Eddie has been recaptured by the mad Professor who continues to plumb the innermost depths of the human psyche! (We said he was mad!) This time the Professor has built a 22 screen obstacle course which, when completed, he merely sets to a faster speed (Nasty man!). There are three speeds making a total of 66 difficulty levels!!

Watch out for the rolling boulders, falling rocks, wide-mouthed frogs, elevators, lazers and horizontal conveyors!

Complete each level by guiding Eddie safely to the right hand side of the screen before the time limit, shown top right, runs out. Bonuses are given for completed screens, eating apples and successful boulder jumps. An extra life is given at every 10,000 points and also for completing the entire course of 22 screens. You have nine lives and you'll need them!

Game Controls

K - Left, ; - Right, S - Jump
Or use the right hand joystick as appropriate.

P/C - Pause/Continue, T - Tune On/Off



The program runs automatically when loaded.