Dragon 32 Universe


The Marcon Empire have invaded Earth and enslaved the population. An endless stream of stella-fighters now plunder the Earth's mineral wealth, draining the very lifeblood of the planet.

A small band of freedom fighters are still operating from an abandoned mining station on the Moon; one of them is you.

As you set out from your secret base your first objective is to manoeuvre through the barrier of lethal spacemines to one of the enemy recharging stations to recharge your neodinium lazers, then you will be able to carry on with your mission of destroying the marauding stellafreighters.

There is rumour of a Marcon munition station nearby, heavily defended by missiles. If only you could locate and plunder it, your heroic band of avengers would then have enough firepower to strike a massive vlow for freedom - or die in the attempt!

Game Controls

You control an arrow-shaped spacecraft with a joystick plugged into the Right joystick port. The Fire button will fire your lasers in the direction in which you are pointing.

Avenger allows you to program the sensitivity of the joystick, i.e. the amount of movement required before your ship responds. A value of 0 (zero) makes it virtually impossible to hold the ship still. A value of 9 (nine) requires almost the full joystick travel before you get any response. The setting can be tested in a "training" mode and altered to suit your individual preference.

Difficulty Factor

This determines the number of lives you are given, which varies from one (level 9) to ten (level 0). Each of these levels has its own high score table.

Saving High Scores

When you have finished playing, you are given the option of saving the high score table to a blank cassette. The tables at all difficulty levels are saved so you don't love your high score even if you switch difficulty partway through a gaming session.



Once completed, you are asked whether you wish to continue a previous session by reloading the high scores from cassette.

You must type N if you have not already saved a high score file, otherwise the program will hang.