Dragon 32 Universe


The first of a new generation of fast action, talking arcade games. At the start of each grame the computer warns the Androids of an intruder - Intruder Alert! Now you can either un for the nearest doorway, escape and be called a 'Coward', or chase, shoot and try to wipe out the Androids. However, if you hit one it will turn into a Ghost Android, capable of wandering through walls - which of course are electrified with a fatal effect on you when touched! Should you clear the screen the computer sneers "I'll get you next time!" Will it?

  • 15 levels of difficulty plus high resultion graphics - cassette with sound
  • Top ten scores, 1 Joystick required, For One Player.


You have crash landed on an alien planet, many lightyears from Earth, that you were sent to explore. You awake to find yourself far underground armed only with your laser gun. Your only protective device is your special space suit which allows you some units of protection. The room you are in is a maze of walls and you are surrounded by mindless Androids. You notice the glowing walls that are deadly to the touch! Now, the Androids are slowly advancing towards you...

Method of Play

Press ENTER to start the game and hit the Fire button to replay the game. Use your laser gun to pulverize the Androids in the room, avoiding the deadly walls and android fire; then proceed, exploring room after room destroying as many androids as you can. The right joystick controls your direction and pressing the fire button fires your laser gun. You will fire in the direction you are facing. You may aim and fire in eight directions by pressing the fire button and moving the joystick to the direction you want to fire. You can jump or duck by moving the joystick slightly and pressing the fire button. If the joystick is pointed towards the top, you will jump and if the joystick is pointed towards the top, you will jump and if the joystick is pointing towards the bottom you will duck. Pick up the crown in each room for extra points and leave the room quickly! The countdown timer in the lower right of the screen indicates how much time you have left before you must leave the room or be destroyed.

Ghost Androids

When you destroy an Android it turns into a mine, which can use up a unit of suit protection if you touch it. After a time, mines become Ghost Androids which hunt you relentlessly. Destroy them quickly as they can chase you through walls!

Protective Suit

You are wearing a special space suit designed to give you units of protection against laser fire. The level of protection units you have is shown at the bottom centre of the screen. If you have three or more units of protection, you may sometimes sacrifice one unit (and one only) by running into a vertical wall thereby creating a doorway at that spot. Each time you are hit by android laser fire you will use a unit of protection. When all units are used up, being hit by laser fire will destroy you and end the game.


Your score is indicated in the bottom left of the screen. You receive 50 points for each Android and 100 points for each Ghost Android that you hit. Pick up the crown for another 100 points.


You earn one protective unit by earning 10,000 points, up to a maximum of 10 units. Work quickly! If you clear a room of all robots and mines and pick up the crown, you will receive a bonus score equivalent to the amount left on the countdown timer, you must leave the room to record the points.


If you receive the bonus points by clearing the room of all Androids and Ghosts, pick up the crown, and leave before your time runs out, then the next room will be harder than the one you just left. The Androids become smarter and faster and they will move quicker and shoot faster!