Dragon 32 Universe


For 1 or 2 players. Compete against the computer in 6 track and field events - 100 metres dash - 200 metres dash - Long Jump - High Jump - Javelin - 400 metre Hurdles

Joystick Required

Game Objective

In Athletyx, you compete in the following track and field events:

  1. 100 Metre Dash
  2. Long Jump
  3. High Jump
  4. Javelin
  5. 200 Metre Sprint
  6. 400 Metre Hurdles

The most difficult event to master is the High Jump, which starts at 7.1 ft. This event also offers the best opportunity for point scoring.

In all race events, you are allowed one false start in field events. Stepping over the line is a foul.

Game Controls

Move the joystick left to right as quickly as possible to accelerate your man.

Fire will do the appropriate action in each event, i.e. Jumping or Throwing.

Control is via the right joystick. In a two player game, both players share the right joystick.

To reset, press the left joystick button during any event.


Points are awarded only on a performance equal to or better than the needed value. If you fail to qualify in an event, no points are awarded.

In the second round, the value of points is doubled.

In all track events, you are awarded 200 additional points if you beat the computer opponent.



The game will start automatically after loading.


To play Athletyx at maximum speed with little effort required, type the following program, pressing ENTER at the end of each line:

20 POKE 15058,39
30 EXEC PEEK(1546)*256+PEEK(1547)
40 DATA 134,126,183,1,142,48,140,28,191,1,143,141,31,141,34,134,3,151,0,142,64,0