Dragon 32 Universe


In this completely original and incredibly fast game, you play the Beam Rider. Your mission is to rid the world of those formidable blocks of nuclear waste, by sucking them up with your beamer - an incredible piece of human engineering. Avoid the Drop Out Chasers - grab the Energiser, but above all, get rid of them there blocks!! 100% machine code, full colour hi-res graphics and superb sound. One player game. One Joystick required.

Game Objective

Clear as many boards as possible by running over blocks with your beamer before being hit three times. Action depends upon whether a block is adjacent or not. If a block is adjacent then the beamer will move directly to it. If the nearest block in a given direction is not direclty adjacent to your beamer then an emergy beam will be fired to the block and you will be drawn towards it at twice the normal speed. This is called "beaming". Your direction cannot be changed while beaming.

If there are no blocks in the direction chosen then you will begin to slowly move in that direction.


Small red bugs with yellow eyes. Follows beamer around the board and attempts to get in its way whenever possible. Hitting a chaser destroys your beamer. The first board has only one chaser. All others have two.


Spinning yellow ring. Moves about the board at random. Hitting a spinner or a spinner hitting your energy beam destroys your beamer. Whevever the spinner touches a block it creates an energizer.


Multicoloured spinning squares. Hitting an energizer causes your beamer to become energized. While energized all point values are doubled and you cannot be killed by the chasers. If a chaser is hit while beaming then 1,000 points are awarded and the chaser is immobilzed for about 1.5 seconds. While energized, a bar will appear at the top of the screen to display your remaining energy time. Energy lasts approximately seven seconds. Each time an energizer is hit, the energizer counter will increase by one and upon completion of the current board, 1,000 points are awarded for each energizer. The engergizer counter is located to the right of the score and will appear when an energizer is hit.

Game Controls

Joystick control via right hand joystick port only. Press fire button to commence game.



Blue square with yellow centre. Score points for hitting blocks. Exact score is based on distance travelled.

Distance Score
1 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 50
6 60
7 70
8 80
9 90
10 100
11 120
12 140
13 160
14 180
15 200
16 250
17 300
18 350
19 400
20 450
21+ 500

The last five blocks of any board are worth five times normal point value.


An additional beamer is given for every 50,000 points scored.

High Scores

The top five scores are maintained on the title screen. Five characters maximum for each name, backspace to erase a character and ENTER to enter a name.