Dragon 32 Universe


A fast action game with high resolution graphics. You are the Commander of a Star Gate, controlling access to your home galaxy and are being continually attacked by hordes of offensive alien craft trying to blast through you to your home star. If you can outlive the aliens' formidable attacks, then prepare yourself for a second phase from a more elusive enemy.

With 15 levels of difficulty, different colour settings and seound, this is yet another excellent addition to our reputable range of arcade games. For 1 player - top 10 scores, with sound. 1 Joystick required.

Method of Play

You are stationed at the centre of the Stargate Epsilon (centre of screen) through which any ship must pass to approach your home star. War has been declared and you have just received word that hordes of alien starships will try to gain access to your home world through Stargate Epsilon. Use the button on your right joystick to fire your high speed laser cannon to destroy attacking alien ships. There are four entry points where alien ships will appear. Position the right joystick (right, left, top, bottom) in the corresponding direction that you want to fire and then shoot.

Move quickly as more alien ships will appear at the same entry points. You must destroy all alien ships and their deadly photon torpedoes to survive the round.

Death Satellites

If you survive a round of attacking ships, orbiting Death Satellites will materialize. You must aim carefully to destroy them. At the left side of the screen a coloured bar indicates how many alien ships remain to be destroyed before the Death Satellites appear. Each time your shields are hit, more alien ships may have to be killed than before the shield was hit. The size of increase is dependent upon the skill level you are at.


You start the game with three shields each of which protect you from an alien torpedo. Every 10,000 points you earn one extra shield up to a maximum of five, and the skill level will automatically increase by two.

Gun Meltdown

You may fire continuously by holding the fire button down. This will, however, heat up your laser cannon and may cause it to melt down. The coloured column at the lower right edge of the screen will indicate how close to meltdown you are. When you rapid fire, the cannon will heat up and the column will shrink; when you don't shoot, the cannon will cool off and the column will grow.


Alien Ships - 50 points
Alien Photon Torpedoes - 10-30 points (depending on how close they are to you when you shoot them!)
Death Satellites - 100 points



The game will start automatically.