Dragon 32 Universe


Mario, our hero from The King is back. This time we find him lost in the tropical wastes of the Amazon, frantically trying to get back to his plane. He must outwit the elusive spiders, bouncing snails, jumping frogs, some rather smart monkeys and finally hope that bird doesn't get him when his parachute opens.

100% machine code, high resolution graphics, super sound and four screens.

Playing The Game

Screen 1

Your aim is to climb to the top right corner of the screen. Make your way up avoiding the spiders and the venomous snails.

You must stop on the cliffs to pick up the treasures en route.

Press the Fire button button to draw the rope. Hold the Fire button down to move from one side to another.

When at the bottom of a ladder, press the Fire button to climb it. Release the Fire button to draw the rope you need for the next passage.

Screen 2

Your aim is to get to the bottom of the screen.

Move your man with the joystick and press the Fire button to jump.

Jumping over a frog or a spider gives you extra points.

Screen 3

Your aim is to jump before the bird catches you. The longer you wait to open your parachute on the way down, the higher the points awarded will be.

Press the Fire button whilst you are moving to make the man jump in the air. Press the Fire button a second time to open the parachute.

If you open the parachute too soon, you will stay hung up on the first branch. If you don't open it fast enough, you will crash in the boat.

Screen 4

Your aim is to climb up to reach the plane, avoiding the monkeys and spiders. You can jump over them by pressing the Fire button.

If you pass Screen 4 then you will return to Screen 1 again, but with an increased difficulty level.

Game Controls

On Title Screen
Fire Button (Right Joystick) - Choose 1 Player Game
Fire Button (Left Joystick) - Choose 2 Player Game

1, 2, 3, 4 - Select Screen (before pressing Fire to start game)


You begin with five men and an additional man is awarded after screen 4.



The game will begin automatically after loading.