Dragon 32 Universe


Use either the keyboard or joystick to paint the floor. Sounds easy? Yes, if the dogs, moths, caterpillars, boys, balloons, etc, didn't keep walking over the paint! Eight levels of difficulty. The catchy tunes played while you paint will have you "singing while you work". High speed arcade action game. Machine Code. Keyboard or Joystick control.

Game Objective

The object of the game is to paint the screen as quickly as possible, using as little paint as you can. You start the game with four pots of paint and five brushes.

First, you must get a brushful of paint. To do this, take your "brush" to the bottom left of the screen.

You can "stop" certain things from walking over your newly painted floor by touching them. Some objects will take your brush, some will take whatever paint you have left - but we won't spoil your fun by telling you which is which!

Challenge Stage

When you reach this stage, you must stop the paint "dripping" down to the bottom of the screen using your scraper. Control is exactly the same as for painting.


When starting a game, you are asked to choose 1/2/3 for a Black/Buff/Green Colour Screen.

Your current score is shown at the bottom right of the screen, under which is written the current level of play. Also at the bottom right of the screen is shown the amount of paint you have left on the brush you are currently using.

Game Controls

Arrow Keys - Movement
SPACE - Finish level (when the screen is completely painted!)

A-H - Select skill level (A is easiest; H is hardest)
K/J - Show method of control
BREAK - New game (requires you to re-enter skill level)

Alternatively, use the joystick and Fire button.