Dragon 32 Universe


Having failed to switch on all the lights on the Lunar Landing Pad, (Cuthbert Goes Walkabout) Cuthbert has been detailed to guard the site for the new Launch Pad. However the Moronians are still determined to get him. One touch and Cuthbert is electrocuted. The only way he can kill then, is to trap them in a hole and hit them with his insulated hammer before they escape. Full colour graphics and sound. Machine Code, Arcade Action Game. Warning: Playing this game can become addictive.

Joystick/Keyboard Control.

Game Objective

The object of the game is to kill all the Moronians on the site. To do this, Cuthbert must dig a hole, lure a Moronian into it, then fill the hole in again before it has time to crawl out. By digging holes vertically above other holes, it is possible to dtop one through several floors earning extra points. Beware of the Chief Moronians which appear on the higher skill levels. These have to be dropped through at least two floors to kill them, but they score double points.

Normally the slighest touch from any of them will kill Cuthbert instantly, but there are certain parts of the scaffolding where they can't get him - it's up to you to find them. Be quick! Cuthbert's oxygen supply is decreasing all the time. When it gets very low, Cuthbert will slow down. If it reaches zero, Cuthbert dies. The number in the upper left hand corner tells you how much oxygen you have left.

Playing The Game

Cuthbert will demonstate how to play the game. He is the little man on the bottom floor. You control him by means of the keyboard or the right joystick. The choice is yours. If you don't have a joystick press K (for Keyboard). At any time during the title page, the Hall of Fame or the demonstration screen, press SPACE or Fire to start a new game.

Game Controls

The arrow keys or joystick control Cuthbert's movement. If you have a joystick connected, use the right joystick port.

Use the Joystick Fire button or either of the SHIFT keys to dig the holes (three "digs" are necessary to make a hole) and the SPACE BAR to fill the hole in. Cuthbert will continue digging or filling in if you keep the Joystick Button, SPACE BAR or SHIFT key depressed. He will continue moving in the same direction until you press a different arrow key.

8/5 - Pause/Resume


The number at the bottom left of the screen is your current score; the number at the bottom right is the current High Score.