Dragon 32 Universe


Cuthbert is on the Lunar Landing Pad, waiting for the Federal Chief's State Visit. He must turn the lights on by walking across the switch, located at the corner of the squares, before the invading Moronians get him. Watch him do his Victory Dance before he tackles the next "Pad" and another, larger, set of Moronian Invaders. Can you get your name in the Hall of Fame?

Superb full colour graphics with accompanying music.
Uses either keyboard or joystick.

Game Objective

To make Cuthbert light up the lunar pad, he must activate the switches, which are located at the corners of the squares, by walking across them. When all four switches are turned on, the whole square will light up.

Each switch scores one point. Each square scores five points. When the whole pad is alight, you get a bonus of 100, an extra Cuthbert and a new screen to fill in. Your bonus increases by 100 for each successive screen.

Cuthbert can walk or jump on horizontal lines but he can only climb up or down vertical lines. Note that he will not walk blindly off the edge, but it is possible to jump him over it - to certain death! - so be careful!

At first, you will have difficulty controlling Cuthbert, especially when you want him to change direction. After a few games however, you'll find he can be controlled very accurately indeed! Note that if two keys are pressed at the same time, one horizontal and one vertical (or if the joystick is put in a corner), Cuthbert will turn automatically at the next intersection he comes to.

Oh! There's one other small thing to mention. Just to make things more interesting, Cuthbert is under constant attack by the Moronians. These are all intelligent and explosive - and they don't like Cuthbert. Cuthbert can jump over them by using SPACE (or FIRE), provided that they are not about to change direction.


Be careful with jumps. The worst thing you can do is jump Cuthbert off the edge of the grid. The next worst is to jump over a Moronian when it is about to change direction.

Keep away from the Moronians. Light up the squares that are furthest away from where they are at the moment. They are semi-intelligent and will home in on Cuthbert. When they start to get close - move on.

Don't waste time. There is no time limit on any screen but there are two good reasons why you should try to complete each screen quickly. First, the Moronians become more intelligent the longer you take. Second, if you are quick you can avoid The Chief Moronian. He is the one who appears late in each screen (Listen for the warning!). He is very intelligent and he doesn't play fair!

Practice makes less imperfect. Note the danger areas and light these up early. There is a lot to be learnt by observing the habits of the "enemy".

Cuthbert is a game of skill. Once again, we remind you - practice makes less imperfect.

Hall of Fame

To enter your name in the Hall of Fame, move the joystick to the left or right until the letter you require is displayed. Centre the joystick and press SPACE/FIRE to move to the next letter.


Screens 3, 7 and 11 are in a different colour and the action is not clear on Black and White TVs. To correct the colours, press key 8 if you are playing the game on a Black and White TV.

Game Controls

Control Cuthbert with either the keyboard or a joystick plugged into the right joystick port.

Use the arrow keys or the joystick to move Cuthbert.
The SPACE BAR (or joystick FIRE button) makes him jump.

K - Keyboard Control. Must be pressed if no joystick is connected.
B/5 - Freeze/Resume




To give yourself infinite lives and/or invulnerability in Cuthbert Goes Walkabout, load the game using the following program rather than the auto-run loader:


When the prompt appears, type in one or more of the following pokes:

POKE 15389,33 makes you immune to monsters
POKE 13406,125 gives infinite lives

And then start the game with:

EXEC 768