Dragon 32 Universe


Cuthbert's in a fix again - playing with his time transporter. Trying to outwit the Moronians he's transported himself back to World War II and been locked up in a German Prisoner of War Camp.

Can he escape the drunken guards, get the keys to the gate and make his way across rivers, marshes and minefields to freedom?

Joystick Required.

Game Objective

Your duty as a P.O.W. is to try to escape from your captors and head for the border.

To do this you must carry the key into the Gate House and drop it by pressing the fire button. This will open the Gate next to the Gate House.

Once outside the Camp, you will need the Guards' Papers to cross the bridge but tread carefully in the Marsh.

You now require some money to pay for your ferry ride on the river. Once you have crossed, the last obstacle between you and freedome is the Minefield. Pressing the fire button on the right joystick will allow you to run faster although your score will be reduced by doing so - and you will drop anything you are carrying.

If you press the fire button whilst you are on the boat, it will then travel at twice its normal speed, but this will cause points to be deducted.

You are given three lives. Further lives can be obtained if you draw fire from one guard and it hits another.

When you reach the border the game restarts but with an increased number of guards.



The game will run automatically.