Dragon 32 Universe


Poor Cuthbert is in trouble again. He failed to overcome the Moronians (See Cuthbert Goes Walkabout and Cuthbert Goes Digging), so he has been sent to the jungle, where his troubles are many. He must fight his way through the jungle collecting treasures, jumping pits and swinging across alligators whilst being aware of the killer scorpion in the basement. High speed arcade action game. Full colour graphics. Machine Code. Joystick required.

Game Objective

You must guide Cuthbert through the various screens and he must jump the various hazards which he will meet. To jump with the vine, you must jump to catch it, and then pull down on the joystick to release it. You may jump on the alligators provided their mouths are closed.


You have twenty minutes to locate and collect all the treasures. The figure below the score in the upper right corner shows a digital clock, showing the amount of time you have remaining.

Game Controls

The joystick controls Cuthbert's movement. Joystick up will make Cuthbert jump. Joystick down will release the vine. R - Return to start of game.

New Game

To start the game, ensure the Joystick is connected to the right joystick port and press the FIRE button at any time during the title page or demonstration screen.


The Figure in the top right corner shows your Current Score, which starts at 2000 and being hit by the rolling logs, or falling into a pit will cost you points only. Sinking in the quicksand, being eaten alive by alligators, being bitten by a snake or being stung by a scorpion will cost you a man, of which you have three. The figures in the extreme right corner show you many men you have left.

The only way to score points is to find the various treasures; to collect these just make contact with them.