Dragon 32 Universe


The Moronians finally captured our hapless hero Cuthbert and put him to work in the mine (together with several of his friends) which is guarded by a fierce demon. The only means of escape is a small hole in the ground. You must guide Cuthbert to safety by running along and jumping the rails, avoiding the trucks. If a truck hits him he will end up being fried in the fire below. Also, the demon guard doesn't like his prisoners escaping so he is constantly on guard and the fireballs that he spits out must be avoided at all costs. Superb full colour graphics with sound. Machine Code. Arcade action game. Five skill levels. Joystick or keyboard control.

Game Objective

Cuthbert, and friends, have been captured by the Moronians and put to work in the mine. The only means of escape is a small hole in the ground (at the top of the screen).

Guide Cuthbert to safety using the Joystick or Keyboard, running along the rails and jumping (up or down) from one to another.

If Cuthbert is hit by a truck while standing on a rail he will be knocked off and fall to the rail below. If he falls from the bottom rail, he will be fried in the fires below.

The Demon doesn't like attempted escapes from his mine and is constantly on guard. If he sees anyone trying to escape, he will spit out a deadly fireball - to be avoided at all costs.

You are allowed only four deaths. If you exceed this you will be sacked as escape officer and your game is over.

Skill Level

You may select your skill level to start by pressing keys 1-5 when the prompt appears. If you succeed in saving eight men you will be promoted to the next skill level.

Game Controls

Use the joystick or arrow keys to move.
P/R - Pause/Resume
J/K - Joystick/Keyboard


There is a constant display of the game status at the top left of the screen. Your score and the current high-score are displayed at the top centre and top right of the screen.

At the top left of the screen is shown L for skill level, S for number of men saved, and F for number of failures during current game.

At the end of each game, you will be given the opportunity to type in your name against your latest high score, thus enabling a contest between any number of players. This name may not be any more than eight letters long.