Dragon 32 Universe


Use the right-hand joystick by moving it left or right to select a one or two player game and press the fire button. If you select a two-player game, then repeat the procedure to select either a "Duel" or "Team" game.

Game Objective

The object of the game is to knock as many cars off the track as you can, including your opponents, in a two player Duel game. In a Team game, your opponent's car is indestructible if the other player hits it, but it can be pushed into the barrier or another vehicle by bumping it.

Watch your fuel gauge, shown at the bottom of the screen, if it gets too low your car will "crash". To refuel, you need to "crash" a fuel vehicle.

The Tankers need to be hit square on - if you hit their back wheels with your front wheels you will "explode".

You start the game with four "cars"; after crashing one, there is a short pause before the next car appears on the bottom of the screen, but if playing a two-player game, the other player may continue with the "race". This is a golden opportunity for him to gain extra points.

Your cars are controlled solely by joystick, pushing the joystick forward will speed up the car, pulling it down will slow it down.



The game will start automatically.