Dragon 32 Universe


Defeat the bombing raids by Vampire bats, only to be attacked by Robots after which the Sproings will try to destroy you. The Devil attacks at the higher skill levels. Choice of three colour screens. Five skill levels. Superb full colour graphics and sound in true Ken Kalish style. High speed arcade action game. Machine code. Three different screens. Joystick required.

Game Objective

1. Bombing Wave

Vampire bats fly back and forth across the screen while the lowermost one tracks you and tries to bomb you. When hit, creatures will split into two (except at level 0). When one of the lowermost pair is hit, the others will swoop down at your base. At higher levels the devil himself will appear, flying across the top of the screen and dropping a flaming cauldron. If the cauldron hits the ground before you can destroy it, then it will burst and scatter fire, severely limiting your manoeuvrability.

After the first wave, a second wave will attack while flying lower.

2. Robot Assault

Crazed robots march down at your base, firing as they come. If a robot makes his way past the bottom of the screen, he will appear again at the top (except for the last few!) so a strategy of merely avoiding them won't work.

3. Sproings

Sproings are devilish creatures that will try to stomp your base. When hit, a sproing will sometimes release a "little sproing", which tries to make its way to safety off the top of the screen. These little sproings are the highest scoring targets in the game.


  • After the third screen is completed, the game level is incremental to the next higher level (up to level 9).
  • A bonus base is awarded for every 10,000 points.
  • To reset, hit the R key.

Skill Level

A player may enter a number from 0 to 5, determining the starting level and the type of missile fired. Even numbered selections (0-2-4) results in a game where a missile will fly straight up after being fired. Odd numbered selections result in a game whereas a missile's path will respond to the joystick. i.e. moving left or right along with the base. Note: If you select 0, game will start at level 0 and not increment.


The figure in the centre top shows your current score; the figure in the top right figure shows the current High Score. The stats at the bottom left of the screen shows how many "lives" you have left: you start the game with five.

Colour Selection

When the game begins, you must select the colour screen you wish to play on.
1 - Black, 2 - Buff, 3 - Green

To change the colour you must reload the program.