Dragon 32 Universe


Run through the many chambers, collecting keys and treasures by climbing ropes and jumping or swinging across yawning chasms. Dare you brave the narrow ledges? Each time you collect a key, a door will open - but where? Keep your eyes open.

If you go through the wrong door you will be trapped. Meanwhile, you will need to dodge the poisonous ants which drop from the ceiling. But get a move on! If you take too long completing a screen, the bird will swoop. Great hi-res graphics adventure game with which you need to combine all your arcade skills. Ten different screens and great sound effects. One or two player game written in Machine Code. Joystick required.

Game Objective

The object of the game is to collect as many 'treasures' as you can while getting the key to the next chamber.

Collect the treasures and keys by walking or jumping near them. Each time you collect a key, a door will appear but not necessarily on the same screeen. You will very often need to go back to collect another key; only one can be carried at a time. However, if you go through the wrong door you can get trapped in a cavern with no exit or entrance!

Some screens will have as many as eight doors from which to choose. It is up to you which one you go through. If you are carrying the correct key, going up to a door will automatically open it and take you to the next cavern.

To climb a rope, you will need to either run to it and jump or stand directing underneath it and jump up.

The posionous ants dropping from the ceiling are fatal; the only way to succeed is to avoid them. Each screen is timed, so if you take too long, a bird will swoop across the screen. It is possible to dodge the bird - but better to get out before it appears!

Game Controls

Joystick control only. Use Fire button to jump.

If playing a one player game, the joystick should be plugged into the Right Joystick port.

If playing a two player game, player 1 will use the joystick plugged into the Right Joystick port; player 2 the Left Joystick port.

Centring the joystick will stop all movement.


You start the game with three lives. If you fall or are hit by an ant, then the game will resume play with you in the same position as when you fell, i.e. if you were 'hit' at the top of the screen and landed on a ledge, your new 'man' will materialise on the ledge.


Load a version of the game that does not autorun. Then type:


You will then be able to play the game with infinite lives.