Dragon 32 Universe


This has to be one of the most exciting programs for the computer ever released. The most outstanding graphics and sound you'll ever see or hear. The player controls a spaceship capable of moving in eight different directions. The joystick controls the direction of the ship. Pressing and holding down the fire button will deliver a rapid-fire stream of shots. Player 1 controls his ship with the right joystick; player 2 uses the left.

Game Objective

The object of the game is to destroy all of the Enemy Bases within each sector, rescue as many Astronauts as possible, and dock with the Friendly Base at the top of the sector.

Sector Scanner

The Sector Scanner is the large black box on the right of the screen, immediately below the player's score. The locations within a sector of each of the Enemy Bases are shown on the scanner by a white dot. The location of your ship is shown by a small red dot. In addition, the entry and exit locations for the sector are shown as white dots at the top and the bottom of the Sector Scanner. The Sector Scanner is provided to allow you to determine your position relative to the Enemy Base.

Enemy Bases

The Enemy Bases consist of several gun turrets connected by beams. To destroy an Enemy Base, shoot each of the gun turrets. When all of the turrets have been destroyed, the base will disappear, freeing the Astronaut or Astronauts inside. Beware: in later sections the gun turrets will fire on you!


Each Enemy Base has one or more Astronauts held captive within. When an Enemy Base is destroyed, the Astronauts can be picked up. This can be accomplished simply by flying over him.

Astroids & Space-Mines

Throughout each sector, there are numerous Asteroids and Space-Mines scattered in your path. Running into these will destroy your ship. Shooting the Asteroids and Space-Mines will destroy them, but *be careful*! Flying through an explosion is just as fatal as running into something!


Then Dragons fly around the sector, trying to run you down and destroy you. You may shoot the Dragons to kill them.

Sector Edges

The edges of the sector are represented by a solid wall. Flying into a sector edge will result in your hip "bouncing" off of the wall. Bouncing off an edge will also cause you to temporarily lose control of your ship's direction of motion, although this is *quite* temporary.


If you take too long to destroy all of the Enemy Bases, a warning will begin to flash on the right of the screen. This indicates that the Draconian is about to appear. The Draconian is indicated on the Sector Scanner by a blue dot. It is not possible to kill the Draconian by shooting it!


Upon destroying all of the Enemy Bases, a flashing arrow will appear at the top of the Sector Scanner. This indicates that the exit gate is now open. Upon flying through the gate (which is located where the arrow is pointing), your ship will revert to computer control (in other words, sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. You earned it!) A bonus will be awarded based on the number of Astronauts you collected within the sector. Note: If your ship is destroyed, all of the Astronauts you were carrying are also destroyed.

Extra Ships

The number of ships remaining is indicated by the ships shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. An extra ship is awarded at 10,000 points, at 60,000 points, and at each additional 50,000 ppoints.

Starting A Game

The program begins with an introductory sequence. This sequence may be interrupted by pressing the SPACE BAR during the music. The computer will then ask 'Number of players?' Press either 1 or 2, and the game will start.

Game Controls

Joystick controls apply.
ENTER/SPACE - Pause/Resume
BREAK - Abort Game


Destroying an Asteroid = 20pts
Destroying a Space-Mine = 40pts
Destroying a Dragon = 100pts
Rescuing an Asteroid = 500pts