Dragon 32 Universe


The program included in this package will allow the user to compose his/her own music and play it back through the television speakers, whilst displaying the programmed graphics or his/her own graphics/words etc. A sample program is included, called "Jukebox", to enable the purchaser to immediately play the music and listen to sample sound effects.


A full and detailed instruction manual is included. The system features are:

  1. four voices
  2. A unique waveshape or tone for each voice
  3. Seven full octave range
  4. Full documentations and examples - 28 page manual
  5. Variable tempo to change music speed
  6. Key and Octave modification possible
  7. Both Tempo and Key/Octave may be changed within the program
  8. Note counter to ease "debugging"
  9. Kaleidoscope graphics as music plays - optional
  10. Sound Effects example provided
  11. Dotted and double dotted notes supported
  12. Normal, quarter and eighth note triplets supported
  13. User-friendly menu-driven software
  14. The music can be saved as an independent machine code subroutine and can be loaded and executed from other BASIC programs
  15. The compiled machine code music is Position Independent which allows it to be loaded anywhere in the memory
  16. Graphics display may be turned on or off
  17. Repeating a portion of a piece of music is possible using the REPEAT command
  18. As the music players, the user may specify that control be returned to BASIC any number of times at specific points in the piece in order that a BASIC process may be performed before returning to the music
  19. The purchaser may use The Dragon Composer in his/her own programs to give musical harmony.