Dragon 32 Universe


For each floor level except floor 10, you must get to the small elevator platform which will then take you through the ceiling and into the next floor level. Unfortunately, the three circuit breakers (the flashing squares) which activate the elevator have been switched off. You must therefore activate all three circuit breakers to activate the elevator.

Bouncing donuts will be in your way and the only way to get past them is to "POP" them by throwing a handful of dough mix at them. To get some dough mix, you must firstly get the purple bag which contains five handfuls of dough. Your main goal is to reach floor 10 and deactivate the power generator which will restore law and order in Antonio's Donut Factory.

Activate the Panic Button to refill the dough bag and stall the timer - once!

Hints & Tips

  1. In order to master Donut Dilemma, you must firstly master the game controls.
  2. When you start a game, you will have the option to select a practice game. A practice game is just like a proper game except that there is no scoring and you have unlimited lives. To exit from the practice mode, press SHIFT & BREAK together (to abort).
  3. If the program is left alone while displaying the title page, it will switch to the Donut Busters page followed by a floor display mode.

Floor Descriptions

Floor 1: Ladders & Platforms
Floor 2: Fat Spurters
Floor 3: Sugar Sprinkler
Floor 4: Cream Blaster
Floor 5: Conveyor Belts
Floor 6: Chopper Block
Floor 7: Puzzle Platforms
Floor 8: Berserk Bucket
Floor 9: Crumble Caper
Floor 10: Power Generator

Game Controls

Arrow Keys - Walk left and right and climb up and down ladders
SPACE - Jump, D - Throw Dough, P - Panic Button

SHIFT-@ - Pause, SHIFT-BREAK - Abort

Color Computer 3 Version: Use ALT & CTRL instead of Up & Down arrows.


Bouncing Donut = 200 points
Circuit Breaker = 100 points
Completion of floor level = Bonus Timer x 10

Colour Adjustment

Donut Dilemma uses a special technique to achieve extra colours from the Tandy color computer's four color PMODE 3 mode when used with an Australian standard colour TV. The Color Computer 3 version of Donut Dilemma does not use this technique since it assumes that you will be using the Tandy CM-8 RGB monitor which doesn't support this colour technique.

When you first start up the game, it will display a grey or blue coloured screen. Press the RESET button at the back of your computer until this screen is blue. This is to set up the correct colour attributes for Australian TV systems. You may need to adjust the tuning on your TV set if you have difficulty in getting a reasonable blue.



The game will run automatically.