Dragon 32 Universe


In this game you compete against the computer to be first to sink an armada of galleons, frigates and rowing boats.

The ships are hidden within a grid whose rows and columns are labelled from A to L.

Your grid appears on the left of the screen and the computer's grid on the right.

A galleon occupies a 4x2 block on the grid.
A frigate is a line of 4 blocks on the grid.
A rowing boat is a line of 2 blocks on the grid.

When the select messages appear, choose your square and anything that you hit will appear on the grid as a coloured square.

Galleons appear as a red square, frigates as a black one and rowing boats as white.

Immediately after your selection, the computer takes its turn. For every square hit, you score one point.

There are a total of three galleons, five frigates and three rowing boats, giving a winning total of 50 points.

For each game you may choose the computer's skill level to give you an easy, average or difficult game.

Get ready to start...!