Dragon 32 Universe

Gobble Up

Eddie is here!! Eddie being the name of the latest 'computahero' from Chris Andrew of Incentive Software. Developed exclusively for the Dragon, this 100 per cent machine code high-resolution graphics game follows the fortunes of our hero Eddie as he explores a rambling labyrinth of interconnected rooms in an attempt to find the keys to the escape door. To aid him in his search is a map showing the plan of the maze, as well as items of food which he needs to top-up his energy reserves. Unfortunately, there are also skeletons of previous victims to sap Eddie's strength, and snakes in his path to gobble him up completely, although these can be overcome with care. There are also other "nasties" lying in wait, but I won't deprive the reader of the pleasure of discovering these by mentioning them here.

Unlike some games that are so fiendishly difficult that the novice is likely to become easily discouraged, this game can be played in its early stages at a quite leisurely pace, but, there is more in store!

There are no less than five mazes of increasing complexity, through which Eddie must be guided, using the cursor, or other user-definable keys. Complete all five, and answer the question on the competition form enclosed with the cassette and you stand a chance of winning a £300 disk drive system.

However, the most remarkable feature of this game is its three-dimensional display with some impressive changes of perspective as we move around taking a "bird's-eye" view of Eddie's peregrinations in and out of the rooms.

One minor carp - a joystick option would have been welcome but overall an excellent adventure at a realistic price.